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GoFundMe| Ezi Kiosk Art Suppies

Hi hello salutations, 

 I just wanted to continue doing my art work but at the moment I don't have the funding for it to happen. So I've decided to try to raise money or get money donated to me so I can purchase art supplies to continue doing my graffiti art work.

   There are a few upcoming projects that I would like to invest time and money into, including making three graphic novels, a children's book, library gallarys, pro-folio and designing the side of a laundry mat building. Ending the first segment it with my own gallery. Investments given to me will go towards spray paint cans, Copic markers, notebooks /sketchbooks, etc.

   I will also return to bringing in models again and building/ purchasing cosplay and costume attire, to do my own photography.

   I look forward to see the results, and i hope you do too, and remember to practice in being present!

-Ezi Kiosk

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